Elm Haus, Mount Glorious

Surrounded by the warmth a combustion stove quietly burning away in a glowing pine-lined room with quirky figurines, bowls of lemons,delicious aromas and well loved couches, Elm Haus is like your favorite Aunt's kitchen.

And with new owners in da Haus, the food is now well worth the trip.

This was a return visit to Elm Haus as the previous occasion was very disappointing. Not this time though.

The day started with blue skies and sunshine and a motor bike ride from Brisbane for breakfast on the mountain. Half way up the steep uphill climb the temperature seemed to drop 10 degrees and it looked like we were climbing through low cloud.

Elm Haus was welcome stop despite the difficulty of parking the bike on stable ground. Note to owners-you need more bitumen parking areas.  Bikies look very sad when their prized machine falls over because the stand has sunk into the soft ground.

Safely parked and installed inside the warm cafe we were keenly surveying the breakfast menu.  Maybe you should just order coffee first said the waitress, "We have had a breakfast rush and we're still waiting for more eggs to arrive."

Having read on the menu that the produce was sourced locally from free range chooks, I had visions of eggs being plucked from under reluctant hens and rushed to the kitchen.

So we waited and enjoyed the coffee while the eggs arrived and then feasted on their bright yellow yolks, ripe red char grilled tomatoes, ciabatta ($8) and tasty bacon.

Wazza's more elaborate choice - eggs benedict with ham ($14) - even came with a decorative swirl.

It was obvious the kitchen was under a little stress as the order was confused but the breakfast tasted so good no one wanted to complain. We just ate and enjoyed.

Other breakfast choices include tempting french crepes with morello cherries, mascarpone and flaked almonds, all drizzled with real organic maple syrup, a smoked salmon omelette or a simple breakfast smoothie.

Bottom line: add Elm Haus to your Mount Glorious stop list. It's character filled rooms and wholesome food are a pleasant change from standard offerings.

Elm Haus Cafe, Mt Glorious Rd, Mt Glorious p 3289 0104‎

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