Sleeping around - Daydream Island

Cockatoos, curlews, clownfish, stingrays, starfish, sharks and wallabies, I saw them all in less than 24 hours on Daydream Island.

Only one kilometre in length, Daydream Island is just a dot in the ocean but it's packed to the rafters with wildlife.

I was dining with elegant long-legged curlews strutting through the restaurant, providing dinners for stingrays and rays and spotting kangaroos.  I didn't have to look far to find a cockatoo - he came to visit me as soon as I opened my balcony door.   I turned my back for a minute and he sidled up, ready to hop in and help himself to my mini bar.

One of many curlews we saw on the island - this one in the dining room.

Although wowed by the wildlife on Daydream, I was really there to sample their fresh reef fish which was caught on the reef by professional fishermen that day.  We went down to the wharf to welcome the boat in and watched as Chef chose our dinner. They promised plump fleshy fish that falls apart and melts in the mount and crisp skin and delivered it.

Ashley is the boat's skipper and he loves to fish

Chef selects the fish for dinner

Chef fillets the fish for dinner
And here it is on the plate
First e enjoyed a trio of yummy dips

Our main was a very tender steak on mash.

Daydream's Living Reef is one one of the world's largest man-made living coral reef lagoons.  Over 100 species of marine fish live in the two lagoons and, guided by a marine biologist, guests have the opportunity to hand feed the resident stingrays, sharks and barramundi. It's a chance to get up close and personal with Pikelet and Pancake the stingrays and Bruce the sicklefin lemon shark. I can report that having a stingray slide through your legs feels very strange but their skin is smooth like suede.  Their barbs have been removed so they can't hurt you which is comforting. 

The island's marine biologist told us all about the animals we would encounter

I held a starfish

Kathy was brave to hold this sea slug

Pikelet or Pancake the stingray

Brutus, the island's resident barramundi, lives in the northern lagoon and is keen to 'strike' at food placed in front of him for fish feeding sessions.  It's a favourite with the children who love to feed him his favourite pilchards.

If you like learning about the reef, they also offer educational marine talks and guided fish feeding.

While Daydream seems perfect for families, there's also a plus for parents or those looking for a relaxation retreat.  Daydream's Rejuvenation Spa combines naturopathy, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and massage along with beautiful Pevonia Botanica products.  A little bit of bliss really.

Even in rainy weather, Daydream was still a beautiful place to be.

Lover's cove - a nice, secluded beach

The wedding chapel

Eat,drink+beKerry travelled to Daydream courtesy of Tourism Queensland.

Daydream Island

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