That time when you are asked to eat, not tweet

The mission was clear - there were three new Grilled burgers which needed the taste test.

Were we up to the challenge? Once K2 agreed to take the chilli test with the Hot Hombre, we non-chilli lovers only had to fight over Goats cheese & hummus with lamb or Perfect pear with grilled chicken breast.  There was no need for a duel, it was all decided quickly and amicably.

We headed for our local Grill'd which is handily located close by at Rosalie.  While they don't know me by name, I have eaten there before.

So here's what we ate this time:

  • Hot Hombre: grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, spanish onion and crispy tortilla chip

  • Goats Cheese & Hummus: grilled 100 percent grass fed lean lamb, Meredith Dairy goats cheese, chermoula hummus and salad

  • Perfect Pear: grilled chicken breast, poached pears, fig paste, avocado, spanish onion, rocket & shaved parmesan (minus the spanish onion by request on my burger)

The table was littered with signs designed to raise the ire of any blogger/tweeter, forbidding contact with the Internet. I think this was a clever ploy designed to spark the Aussie sense of larrikin and result in everyone tweeting their fingers off. So I did, gleefully.

They were also enjoying having a stab at celebrity chefs and other restaurant chains that rely on a ‘cravat’ of approval (a not so subtle reference to one very large celebrity chef) with more table top signs. 

Grilled claim their delicious cooked-to-order burgers are made with love, sans endorsement and designed by the Grill'd team

So what were the burgers like?  They were good.  I enjoyed the pear, parmesan, chicken combo with the sweetness of the pear offset by sharp parmesan and crisp rocket. V Diddy and K2 also enjoyed their burgers.  They were so busy eating it was hard to get much comment out of them.  Both were enjoying the $5 beers which are available on Wednesday night.

Perfect pear

Hot hombre

Goats cheese and hummus

The chips also got a big tick.  Loved that touch of rosemary in the salt.

Bottom line: These are high on the list of the burger stakes.
Best tip: Go on Wednesday night and enjoy a $5 beer with your burger.

Grill'd has multiple outlets

Disclaimer: E,d+bK was a guest of Grill'd