New coffee pop up at Bardon

Coffee lovers in Bardon can rejoice with the opening of another place to get their daily fix.

Located on the corner of Simpsons Road and Burnham Road, this cosy little spot is so cool and low key it doesn't even have a name.

Inside there's a comfy lounge and some cushion-covered milk crates around another table.  There's also a few games for big and small kids and the daily papers.

It's a very relaxed set up with no formal menu, just great Black Star coffee, a few biscuits, cake slices and avocado on rye if you ask.

If you know the area, you'll realise it's taken over part of the convenience store which has been in the neighbourhood for years.

There's also a second-hand goods shop with plenty of stuff to browse through.  I've been doing some de-cluttering in preparation for a house move and feel I've stocked it single handed this week.  Sigh.

The seating, a collection of op-shop finds, spills out onto the street and there's also a large planter filled with herbs.

It's great to see more coffee options in the neighborhood. Judging by the queues and car parking nightmare at Merlo on Latrobe Terrace and the groups I see enjoying coffee at other coffee spots around the burb, there is a demand.

Bottom line:  good coffee, hassle free parking
Best tip: Avocado on rye rocks.