Farm fresh roadside produce around Brisbane

The one thing that keeps me from drinking in the scenery when I'm out enjoying a drive in the countryside is keeping my eyes on constant alert for a roadside stall in the outskirts of Brisbane.

If I'm driving I can always execute a u-turn and check out the produce on offer but K2 is not so good at stopping, particularly when we are on the motor bike.

Granted there's not much room to take home stuff in the motor cycle top box but I've never really put it to the test and I hate to resist a challenge. Be warned K2!

I like buying from roadside stalls as the produce is always seasonal and fresh and there's no doubt where it's been grown.  You can often see the trees from the stall!

It's low on food miles and the prices are often pretty good too, although I'm not worried if it's not the cheapest as I am happy that the money is going straight to the farmer with not a middle man in sight.

Sometimes they are not as postcard perfect as the stuff you'll find in the supermarkets, but the fun of bringing back something from your foray into the country side makes the stop well worth it. Often there will be unusual varieties and produce you won't find anywhere else as well.

Don't hesitate to try the local jams and chutneys either. As any thrifty person knows, this is a great way to use up excess or not-so-perfect produce and a wonderful way to introduce flavour into your meals.

Anyhow, I was having a chat with Bittany Vonow from The Courier-Mail who was researching a story on roadside stalls  and searched through my blog for the places I've found.

Here's a few places you might like to plan to stop so there's no debate in the car.

Seafood at Shorncliffe
Fresh figs at Buderim
Farm fresh strawberries at Bunya
Top roadside stall at Chillingham

If you have some roadside produce stops that you'd like to share, please leave a comment below.  Others will thank you for sharing food love.