Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique to close

Bittersweet - the Chocolate Boutique will close its doors in a bittersweet pause for the popular Paddington retailer on Saturday December 1.

During its four years at the Barracks on Petrie Terrace, the Bittersweet team has faced several challenges, particularly the sad passing of founder Ann Atkinson from pancreatic cancer in March 2010.

Ann’s son, Adam Atkinson, and his wife, Melissa, made a commitment to continue Bittersweet and deliver the internationally renowned chocolates to the business’s devoted customer base.

“The fantastic team who have worked with us through some very difficult times have helped us immeasurably in keeping Bittersweet trading,” Melissa said.

However, juggling the demands of a young family with a seven day retail business has resulted in a decision to cease trading.

“Adam and I want our loyal customers to know Bittersweet’s closure is only a goodbye for now,” Melissa said. “We have made the decision to put Bittersweet on hiatus for now, but our love for handcrafted chocolate and the unique recipes that our family has created over the last 30 years will surely mean that we will be drawn back into the chocolate business at some stage in the future. At this time however, our family needs to be our primary focus.”

As a farewell gesture, Bittersweet will donate all proceeds from its silent auction of a 96-piece chocolate box to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. The auction will run in-store until 4.45pm on Saturday,  December 1.

From Monday December 3, Mayfield Chocolates will also operate at The Barracks shopping centre, Petrie Tce, ensuring locals can still enjoy a delicious chocolate fix.


Disclaimer:  Simply sharing chocolate love.

Kerry Heaney