The Single Guys Coffee Co, Kenmore

Times are a changing in Brisbane's burbs especially out Kenmore way.

Not only have they now got a great Chinese restaurant, Sichuan Bang Bang,  that has people driving across town to sample, but there's also coffee that's worth a drive.

Enter The Single Guys Coffee Co, positioned smack in the middle of Kenmore's heart, opposite the roundabout on Moggill Road.

Newly opened, it's setting a new standard for the area with coffee sourced, blended and roasted by Ben Graham. And girls, that's where the name comes from, rather than their marital status. Sorry.

And they are serious about coffee with a big shiny La Marzocoo and a coffee and tea menu that's almost as long as the food menu. 

Although the emphasis here is definitely on the coffee, the Larsen and Thompson teas are top shelf.

There's nothing ordinary about the food menu either. Although the cakes are not made in house, they are not sourced from commercial kitchen operations, rather friends who make and bakes delicious treats. I would like to work my way through the salted caramel tart, lime and coconut friand and berry and yoghurt cake.

The menu includes more savoury options such as swiss brown mushrooms with fetta, asparagus and fig vinocotto or bacon and egg on brioches bun with tomato jam, cheddar and mayo. It's simple but well flavoured food with a delightful twist.  The type of food that goes down easily and makes you come back for more.

It's a small operation with a few tables for two or four and one large communal table.  The decor is clean smart and appealing but a few soft surfaces would help with noise control which is a bit outa control when the cafe is full.  Just sayin'.

It's a 6am start for the boys most mornings except for Saturday and Sunday when they open at 6.30am.

The Single Guys

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for the coffee.