At Sixes and Sevens, Fortitude Valley

James Street in Fortitude Valley virtually hums at night from one end to the other with happy folk eating, drinking and generally enjoying the good life.

It must have been an easy decision for the owners of  long time James Street favourite, Cru Bar + Cellar to open another, albeit slightly different bar offering which gives them coverage of both ends of this moderately long busy stretch.

At Sixes and Sevens has been created from an old cottage and shop which occupied the corner of James and Arthur Streets since 1878.  The bones of the cottage are still visible inside the heavily renovated interior which includes plenty of comfortable seating plus lots of drinking room.  There's also an outside deck to survey James Street action.

If you are not at 'sixes and sevens' when you arrive at this establishment, you may be when you leave as its easy to be tempted by the extensive drinks menu accompanied by bar menu has plenty of simple, comfort food that shares easily.

We ordered a quesadilla with avocado, cheddar and chilli and they didn't stint on the chilli as one set of watering eyes proved.  The pork and fennel seed sausage rolls came with well flavoured apple sauce that seemed to have the crunch of walnuts as well.

The menu starts off with small treats priced at $7 and works through to food to feed the hungry at $19. There are choices of tarted up pinenut and herb crumbed fish fingers, twice cooked beef short ribs and prawn pick up sticks with sesame batter.   Carved off the grill steaks, pork loin and chicken are priced at $20 with $8 for sides.

Desserts are the staple pecan pie or the fanciful retro rocky road with jelly and nuts.

Bottom line: Well worth a look, but you might find it hard to leave
Best tip: Please try the rocky road and jelly and tell me what it's like.

Open every day from 11am.

Sixes and Sevens

Kerry Heaney
Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for all food and drink.