It's not all about eating - Eat Street Markets, Hamilton, Brisbane

Amongst the crowds, synthetic grass, milk crates and recycled drums you can still see plenty of blue shipping containers, because that's what it is all about at Brisbane's newest market, Eat Street at Hamilton Wharf.

From one of the original Brisbane market instigators, Peter Hackworth, comes this collection of discarded stuff rejuvenated into a precinct where people just want to eat, drink and have fun. Peter's vision has been aided by wacky Jacki MacDonald, who is all grown-up now and way past her Hey Hey It's Saturday days, film producer John Stainton and businessman John Harrison.

The result is a place you'll want to explore and half of Brisbane was doing that last night.  Thankfully, although highly populated, the site coped well.  I arrived at 6pm and was still able to find a park and queue up for dinner. 

I can see this being a destination of choice for families and friends who want a simple and easy catch up as well as a quick fix for Friday and Saturday night dinners for anyone who is hungry.

The overhead hangers will go a long way to making the site weather proof but there's still a walk to get in.  Let's hope it's not an overly wet summer.

A good choice of food is on offer with plenty of Thai, dumplings, fish 'n chips, pasta, pork and more.  There also are several 'bars' selling beer and cocktails.

Some quality vendors too with stalls from Sammy's Girl, Wholesomeness, Banneton bakery and master caterer Tom Burke.

Here's what I saw

Eat Street

Best tip: Earlier the better - site opens from 4pm

Bottom line:  Expect to pay between $8 to $15 for a meal.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK paid for her meals.