Brisvegas turns into Brewsvegas

Putting a wide smile on the faces of Brisbane's beer lovers, Brewsvegas, a festival dedicated to sharing the love of craft beer, launches in late March.

Ed+bK Bar Reporter Alexander Stone discovers beer heaven.

Something different is happening at the end of March this year for the first time and it’s called Brewsvegas!

From 23rd to the 29th of March, craft beer will invade 35 different venues for beer-inspired events.

With the worthy goal of trying to introduce as many people as possible to the delights of craft beer, the planning for Brewsvegas started in early November last year. The newly invigorated Brisbane bar scene did not disappoint organisers, coming up with 80 events for our drinking pleasure.

Last week people from all the venues putting on events, who have a wealth of knowledge about beer, met at Green Beacon. It seems everyone was surprised by the enthusiasm and gusto of the people who have thrown themselves into this event. Small aspirations might have been had but as a craft beer lover I’m certainly glad that this week has evolved.

Some of the local breweries are making beers just for the event.  I sampled the brew  the talented guys at Green Beacon are making for venues to serve during the week. They decided to go with an American style wheat beer that should be a general crowd pleaser no matter what level your beer geekery is at. I had a sip of the very raw product and let me tell you it already tickled my tastebuds into action and I'm sure I'll be sampling a fair few of these during what is looking like a week filled with lots of long lunches late nights and large hangovers.

Most of the events have already gone on sale but there's plenty of free events to attend all over the shop if that's not your thing. If any of this sparks your interest the finer details can found at Brewsvegas  which is being constantly being updated.