Embassy XO, Sunshine Beach

A feather-light steam bun with slab of lean, pork belly, crisp greens and a bright orange, tingly-on-the tongue sauce was an exceedingly delicious way to start Yum-Cha at Embassy XO at Sunshine Beach.

This restaurant has carved out quite a name in the competitive Noosa dining sphere with a strong band of devotees and captured several awards plus high praise along the way.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Embassy XO has a Yum Cha m lunch enu with ten small dishes in a $34 banquet line up available from 12 noon to 3pm sittings. There's no cart to pick from as you may have experienced at your local Chinese restaurant's yum-cha, but rather the dishes are brought to the table and explained individually.

Here's what to expect -

The seven spice chicken ribs were covered in a light, crunchy batter with a bit of spice and a chili buttermilk sauce in the side.

Wok greens came coated with oyster sauce, all infused with char-grilled flavours.

We were told to eat the crab spring rolls dipped in the green chili mayo and wrapped in the lettuce leaf. Put these in your mouth for an absolute flavour eye opener. It's hard to choose, but these were probably my favourite dish for the day.

The crisp, sweet corn cakes sweet were dipped into an addictive black vinegar caramel.

Tender pork dumplings arrived topped with a dot of pumpkin puree.

The Special Fried Rice was indeed special.

Wagyu dumplings topped with XO sauce were followed by Prawn Sumai and BBQ duck buns.

I had to use my dessert stomach (that special place reserved for sweet things after a large meal) to fit in the deep fried ice cream with chilli raspberry sauce, but it was worth it.

Teeny cups of Yum Cha tea completed the meal.

There were some interesting drink suggestions on the menu but we chose from the wine list and explored some local and imported wines by the glass.  Embassy XO is associated with the Wine Cellar on the ground floor of the building and there's every chance you can buy a bottle of something you like in the restaurant to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

Embassy XO

Best tip:  Check in with Embassy XO on Facebook for a free pot of green tea.
Bottom line:  $34 for the standard dim sum banquet, $30 for the vegetarian banquet.

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK was a guest of Embassy XO.

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