Heritage Tomatoes

How often have you been disappointed by the taste or lack of it in a tomato? Insipid and flavourless are the words that come to mind. That’s all set to change courtesy of some Gatton farmers who were encouraged to try something new. Armed with some Diggers seeds and a lifetime of knowledge, they are growing heritage varieties of tomato that have distinct and unusual flavours.

The Sutton family is growing handsome specimens of heritage tomatoes in all shades and sizes, varieties that have almost died out because in our fast food world convenience is valued over taste. There are big beefy Bullock Hearts, striped Green and Black Zebra, Tigerella, baby Romas and Black Russians, among others.

It’s still a bit of trial and error as the old varieties face up to the realities of Queensland weather but you should find Sutton’s heritage tomatoes from November through to June at the Powerhouse, Mitchelton and West End markets.