Out and about

Over the past few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to eat at several great restaurants – Isis (twice), Three Bistro and Simpatico. They all lived up to my expectations – good service, great food, good restaurant layout.

Simpatico at Paddington has been a favourite for a while but I had not dined there for some months. The menu still has the popular deep fried olives but shows some interesting new directions. It was great to share the plates with friends but we all guarded our desserts carefully. A deliciously light chocolate cake was my choice and it was a winner.

Three Bistro is an appealing restaurant with good acoustics so it's possible to hear your dining companion over lunch. The backless seating next to the window is probably a little hard for some bodies to cope with but I had the chair which was fine. The food was simple and well executed. I couldn't resist trying the chips which were fabulous.

Isis has a well deserved reputation for fine dining and we were not dissapointed. The menu was inventive but satisfying and we came away feeling like we'd had a great night out. The Kobe steak was particularly memorable, even the small piece I stole from my companion's plate. There's just something about fat...

Also enjoyed Pumpkin and Rosemary soup at Freestyle Emporium. Great colour, good thick body and crunchy bread slices to wipe the bowl clean. Delish!

Can’t say the same for some of the café food I’ve had lately – Coffee Club Paddington really needs to lift their act! I had to send back my daughter’s Iced Chocolate as it was undrinkable.