The Normanby Hotel

The girls had decided it was time to get together for a good old chat – a bit of sister bolstering, love life examination and children praising. All good fun that doesn't happen often enough now days.

The beer garden of the Normanby Hotel proved a perfect venue. Outside, but cool enough on a sticky Brissie day, the drinking/dining area was comfortable enough for a four hour + chat. I left them there checking out the talent.

The Normanby is known for it's quality steaks. Along with the Breakie Creek and the Norman, it has an extensive steak menu that includes Wagyu Porterhouse Scored at 7+ 250g ($ 44.90).

However none of us were tempted by the steak menu - instead the choices were Caesar Salad - baby cos, parmesan, bacon & anchovy dressing with grilled prawns ($15.90); Grilled beef & cashew salad - eye fillet coated in garlic & seeded mustard tossed with baby spinach, tomatoes, onion & balsamic vinaigrette ($14.90);Whiting Fillets dusted with Japanese breadcrumbs, served with chunky cut chips, fresh garden salad & preserved lemon & caper mayo ($17.90) and Salt and Pepper Calamari served with chunky cut chips, fresh salad and lime aioli ($17.90). None of this food is particularly tricky, but it all tasted great and was promptly served. There were no complaints. In fact some praise for the menu which actually described all the items exactly as they were, no spanish onion hidden under the lettuce – my pet hate.

While the downstairs area of the Normanby is completely modern, the original building on the top level is entered in the Queensland Heritage Register. It is listed by the National Trust as one of the few large suburban hotels from the late 19th century horse and buggy era to survive in Brisbane.

Find the Normanby Hotel at 1 Musgrave Road, Red Hill p 3831 3353.

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