Pig Day Out

Did you know that the world looses three breeds of domestic livestock every month to extinction? I was surprised to learn that when I met Mark Tully last year at the launch of an ABC short film, 'Rare Chicken Rescue'.

Mark is dedicated to saving and preserving rare breeds of chooks and pigs at his Blue Hills Poultry Stud at Gatton, and has big plans like opening the world’s first national heritage domestic livestock museum and establishing a traditional meats co-op.

If you loved 'Jimmy's Farm' (Lifestyle Channel), Mark's Pig Day Out could really tickle your fancy.

The Pig Day Out on Saturday March 7, is an opportunity to see rare and heritage breeds of pig. Some these breeds, including the Wessex Saddle Back which has only 100 registered sows left on the planet, are even critically endangered. Visitors will be able to touch and hold little piglets and scratch a giant one!

It's a real turn of the tables as these breeds which we once depended on for our existence, now depend on the human race to save them.

Mark says some of Queensland’s top chefs will be preparing pork, showing different cooking ideas and sharing the great flavour of this type of pork.

You can book on 0433179844 or 55735544.
Blue Hills Poultry Stud, 53 Helidon Dip Road, Helidon.