Raw talent - today's nomination Mirko Grillini

Mirko Grillini is described by his nominator as a 'bit of a local legend' and his cooking classes have built up quite a following.

Driving thousands of kilometres to teach his distinctive brand of Italian cooking classes in rural communities across Australia, is just one of the jobs that keeps Mirko busy.

A quick visit to his website uncovered his latest project -Fair Dinkum Italian. This is a new television series following Mirko on an adventure-bound cookery trip through the regions of Australia made famous for their fine produce. While gathering local ingredients and meeting town residents, Mirko searches to find participants for his cooking class. His students prepare Italian based culinary delights; fresh, warm breads, handmade pastas, wonderful flavours from simple, fresh ingredients with added secrets learned from his grandmother in Bologna, Italy.

Sounds like something I'd like to watch - bring it on!

Also - the beard Mirko sports for the photo is not his normal look.

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