Northshore oil

For breakfast this morning we headed for Northshore Cafe down past Portside. I've been to this cafe before and it's a great little spot with beaut views of the river. I wasn't expecting the 'beach closed' sign courtesy of spilt diesel oil from the MV Pacific Adventurer nor was I expecting the nasty smell.

Granted, you couldn't smell it inside the cafe but this area of the river has definitely been affected.

We enjoyed a great breakie. Eggs and bacon on turkish ($13.90), eggs on toast ($11.90) and eggs benedict with ham ($14.50). The coffee was Grinders and very good – rich, smooth and creamy on the mouth.

Not so impressive was the bottled orange juice which was labelled organic but really didn't taste great. Freshly squeezed juices would have been a much nicer alternative.

Also failing to impress was the double choc muffin we purchased after breakie. At $5.50 I was expecting something very lush and it just wasn't.

And while I'm having a gripe, I'll mention the child who was playing with a very noisy truck in the restaurant – what was that mother thinking? Next time please take quiet toys so everyone can enjoy their breakfast, not just you when you tune out to the noise.

Find Riverside Cafe on Riverside Drive at Hamilton, way past Portside. Just keep on driving.

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