The perfect cup of coffee

If there's one thing the guys at Merlo know, it's how to make a great cup of coffee. The coffee culture has gone from strength to strength in Queensland since the Merlo family introduced the first espresso machine to Queensland at their Italian restaurant in 1958. In 1996, Dean Merlo established the Merlo Torrefazione – an Italian style coffee roasting house in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

Here are some tips from Frith La Vin Lloyd, Merlo's new Training Manager.

Coffee Storage Hints

• To maximise the flavour of your fresh espresso coffee for the longest period of time, eliminate or minimise coffee coming into contact with oxygen, water, heat, direct sunlight and other aromas.

• To achieve this, coffee should be stored in an environment that is air tight, cool, dry and dark.

• The best way to store your coffee is in an airtight container in a frost free fridge. merlocoffee’s packaging with its one way valve is ideal.

• Beans will hold their flavour longer than ground coffee.

Domestic Espresso Machine Hints

• Make sure the water tank has sufficient filtered water before you turn the machine on

• When you turn the domestic machine on, flush water out of the group head

• Coffee should be ground specifically for your espresso machine

• Fill the filter basket with coffee to the top and tamp lightly with a slight twist to ensure coffee is level

• Your coffee should pour out of the handle like warm honey.

NB. If it is pouring out quickly it will taste sour. To remedy this, have coffee ground finer. Alternatively, if coffee is pouring out slowly or is dripping through, it will taste bitter and burnt. To remedy this, have coffee ground more coarsely.

• Before steaming milk make sure you are using at least 60% fresh cold milk. Never reheat warm milk, the best results come from fresh cold milk.

• When steaming milk, submerge the end of the steam wand under the surface, then turn steam on full. Slowly lower jug until you hear a quiet sucking noise. This is air being sucked through milk to create foam. If you do not hear this noise then you are simply heating milk and not adding texture

• To keep coffee hotter for longer, fill cups with hot water for a minute before making coffee

• It is important to look after your machine. This involves cleaning everyday and descaling regularly. This prevents the buildup of minerals in boiler and pipes, and avoids extra pressure on the pump

If the taste matches the promise of the aroma, you have the perfect coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my coffee stay fresh for?

A. If stored correctly, whole beans will hold their best flavour for

approximately 6 weeks and ground coffee for approximately 2 weeks.

Q. What is the valve for?

A. The valve is a one way relief valve that allows the gas released by coffee out of

the bag or tin and doesn’t let any oxygen or moisture back in. It helps to keep

the coffee fresh.

Q. What is better to store the coffee in, the tin or the bag?

A. Either. Both are airtight and both are re-sealable.

Q. Why does Merlo refrigerate coffee?

A. Because Merlo Coffee is so fresh, it contains natural oils. The oil is essential to

the flavour and aroma of the coffee. These oils will store flavour longer and stay

fresher when refrigerated.

Q. Is it better to purchase my coffee ground or as whole beans?

A. Whole beans. Ground coffee will start to deteriorate straight away because it has

a larger surface area for oxygen, heat, light and moisture to attack it.


· bowen hills torrefazione: 10 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills

· fortitude valley torrefazione: 104 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley

· southport torrefazione: Ferry Rd Markets, The Brickworks Centre, 107 Ferry Rd, Southport

· springfield torrefazione: Orion Springfield Town Centre, One Main Street, Springfield Lakes