Discover single origin

Here's another bright idea from Brisbane's Mr Coffee, Dean Merlo. MerloCoffee is introducing Coffee of the Month to get bean loyalists to think a little outside the square and try something new.

Like chocolate and wine, coffee is heavily influenced by where it is grown. Along with 'free trade', ‘single origin’ is one of the new coffee labels which tells the consumer that the coffee has been sourced from a particular country.

Colombian Coffee, characterised by its soft terroir (climate, soil type and typography to which it is grown), is in the spotlight for May. When Colombian coffee is freshly roasted it is rich in flavour, has a bright acidity, heavy body and intense aroma.

Every month Merlo with feature a new flavor alongside the existing merlocoffee blends, available for purchase as either wet coffee or take home coffee.

Merlo Coffee’s Coffee of the Month Program: May Colombian, June Costa Rican Tarrazu, July Nicaraguan Maragogype, August Brazilian, September New Guinean, October Hawaiian Kona, November Kenyan and December Colombian Decaf.