African queens do bobotie!

Suzanne Quintner, well known for her fabulous dips and condiments and Matilda Scarfe who specialises in South African cuisine will show you how to cook African-style at the Buderim Ginger Cooking School on the Sunshine Coast on June 21.

Originally from South Africa, Matilda has a passion for the foods and flavours of her homeland and retails her own successful product range of sauces, chutneys and pastes that capture the mysterious flavours of South Africa.

Suzanne’s love of African cuisine has crossed over into her professional life and she has been teaching the secrets of North African flavours for nearly 20 years, while also retailing a range of North African-inspired dips, infused oils, sauces and marinades.

African cuisine draws from a melting pot of cultural influences attributed to its location on the spice trade routes and the formation of major trading ports along the African coastline. Dutch, Moroccan, Malay, Indian and Portuguese are just some of the influences of African cuisine.

Expect to discover eight dishes ranging from Malay Curry Samoosas, Bobotie and Moroccan dips to Melktert with Ginger and Brik Pastry Rolls infused with rose water. Suzanne and Matilda also will share their tips, tastes and techniques. The four-hour African Safari cooking demonstration costs $95 per person and includes eight delicious courses, glass of wine, all recipes and product samples.