Grilled again

I've read some favourable reviews of Grilled at Rosalie recently but just can't get enthusiastic. What they are making there is not rocket science so there are precious few excuses for getting it wrong.

My recent order (x 2) of a Grilled Bird 'n Brie - a chicken, brie and cranberry roll with herb mayo for $10.90 is a prime example. The enthusiastic staff put plenty of the mayo, which is seriously good, on one side of the roll and plenty of cranberry on the other. But did they put the brie next to the cranberry - no they put lettuce. The brie went next to the mayo. The result was a seriously mixed up burger that just didn't taste right.

When I commented on the combo arrangement to the staff member checking whether we were happy with our meals, she explained it's all to do with the order the containers are placed in the fridge cabinet.... and it was supposed to be that way! I don't think so.

You might be lucky and they might have rearranged the containers for your next visit but I'll be looking elsewhere before I take the chance again.