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Roof down and smiles on we headed north to the Sunshine Coast with Noosa and Maleny in mind, however the temptation to hunt cupcakes proved too strong. A slight detour saw us heading up the steep hill and down the main drag of downtown Buderim which was still waking up on Saturday morning.

We discovered The Cupcake Teahouse at the back of a small shopping centre. It's not far from a fitness gym which could be handy for locals.

This is a cute lolly pink shop with tables inside and out for dining and a large cabinet filled with a variety of cupcakes. It looks like a great venue for children's tea parties. They also make children's birthday cakes to order. The cupcakes were priced between $3.50 and $4.50.

We were told they baked nearly every day which sounded good at the time however anticipation over rated reality here.

Our team sampled four cupcakes -  The passionfruit sponge had passionfruit in the cake and icing but was not baked that day and was way too cold from the fridge cabinet even though we didn't eat them straight away.
It was a heavy crumbly cake with traditional cupcake icing.

The gluten free chocolate cake was  fresh with a good rich choc flavour and a slightly sandy texture from the almond meal. It was well balanced by small amount of chocolate icing. Nice.

Although it was decoratively appealing the marshmallow cupcake was a very light sponge with thin icing. One comment was that it was like chewing on a foam mattress.

A more generous amount of icing might have saved the white choc mudcake which was not very fresh.

Bottom line:  Buy these cupcakes straight from the oven.

Shop 9 86 Buderim Mall, Burnett street, Buderim 5476 8467


  1. Anonymous11:24 pm

    You certainly must have caught them on a bad day
    as we have been having their cupcakes weekly for the last 18 months and have had not a complaint yet. Their sponge cake is too die for.

  2. Anonymous2:40 am

    You must try Cupcakes by K located on Maundrell Tce, Chermside West just near the intersection with Hamilton Rd. They are only open on weekends between 9am and 1pm. It is not a coffee/tea shop. You purchase and take them away to eat. Personally I found the cake to be a beautiful buttercake with just the right texture - soft and fluffy but not spongy or too dense. And the icing is not so thick and overpoweringly sweet as to smother the taste of the cake. Let me know what you think.

    Aly from "A Tasty Affair" (Urbanspoon)


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