Cheesey wedding cakes

If you’re over marzipan and not afraid of a cheesey ‘I do’, a cheese wedding cake might be answer.

Seems they’ve been around for a while but it was a first for Narelle Tognini of Tognini’s Trattoria in Brisbane’s Spring Hill when a customer requested a wedding cake made out of cheese.

Just in case you are wondering - it’s not a cheesecake, but several cheeses arranged one above the other in the same way that the tiers of a traditional wedding cake are arranged.

Tognini’s were happy to oblige with a ‘cake’ made from wheels of Ashgrove Farm Cheddar, King Island Black Label brie, Italian Pecorino in hay and honey, Pecorino di panza pomodoro, Cassell - Irish blue, Brillat Savarin French triple cream and Heidi Farm gryuere

The 60 guests wedding guests will be more than catered for by the 13 kg of cheese , really enough for 130 people, so there will be plenty of left overs, but bride and groom wanted the seven tier effect. It was decorated with a cascade of Willibrand pears, muscatels, figs and served with truffled honey.

Tognini’s packed it all in a cool box for transportation by air to Tasmania where the wedding was to be held. 

Cheeses need to be selected that are the correct diameter, weight, depth and composition, to ensure that the structure does not collapse and that the finished product looks impressive. Decorations can include beautiful flowers and fruit but foliage, cherry tomatoes, green/purple grapes, flowers, and even some figurines can work well. If you are worried about cut flower or leaf stems touching the cheese, wrap the stems in a little clingfilm or foil.

You may need slightly less than 100g per person if you are providing a large buffet to go with the cake or you are also having a traditional cake.

Tognini’s have a large cheese room with a selection of premium local and imported cheeses.

With the launch of their new Trattoria, Tognini’s now open Monday to Friday till 9pm and Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

Tognini’s Trattoria
Cnr Turbot & Boundary Streets, Spring Hill  3831 5300