Kangaroo Island - Day 1

Yesterday I started a walk on Kangaroo Island in South Australia with Park Trek

It's my first visit to the island and I'm stunned by the scenery.

We started the day in Adelaide with a very early departure to catch a ferry across to the island.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful - not cold at all!

Another thing that surprised me was the size. Kangaroo Island is Australia's third largest island – after Tasmania and Melville Island. It can take hours to drive from one end of the islland to the other.

We landed on the ferry at Penishaw and set of on a 2km return walk to explore Baudin Conservation Park. The scenery was breathtaking and the isolation of the coast awe inspiring.

From there we drove to the Seal Bay Aquatic Reserve to come face-to-face with some of the 600 Australian Sea-lions who live there. The tours are ranger guided and take you down to the beach within 10 metres of sea lions lying around, regathering their energy after their three days hunting at sea. We saw a baby sea lion search for its mother, sea lions surfing waves to the shore after returning from their hunt and babies suckling from their mothers.

Then it was off to Point Ellen which looks back on the long, curved stretch of beach at Vivonne Bay which recently was declared Australia's best beach. We spent our first night on the island at Kangaroo Island Wilderness Lodge, enjoying comfortable surroundings and good food with a local twist in the restaurant.

I am really enjoying this trip. The walking is not too onerous, the company good and the guides knowledgeable. Everything is well thought out leaving me to simply enjoy the views and the exercise.

Hope today's weather is as superb as yesterday's!