La dolce vita in Brisbane's Mall

Brisbane is really taking Italian week to heart this year with an Italian twist to Jan Power's city Farmer's Market on Wednesday (May 26, 10am-6pm)at Reddacliff Place (the Bridge End of Queen Street).

Jan says she researched farmers markets in Italy and all over Europe before she launched the concept in Brisbane.

“Italian farmers markets from small villages to the big cities, like Venice or Florence, are a delight to the senses!”

Many of Jan’s farmers and providores are Italian, adding personality and delicious tastes to her markets.

It seems they'll have everything from pasta making to assembling antipasti. It's also the place to purchase fresh pasta and sauces, cheeses, salamis and sausages, pesto, fruit and vegetables, breads, olive oils, coffee and even Italian wine.

Here's a quick and easy Italian dinner or lunch from the market -

  • Start with an antipasto platter of olives, sundried tomatoes and stuffed peppers served with crusty Italian bread or a pasta course of spaghetti with lemon, olive oil, crab meat and a touch of chilli.

  • For secondo or main course, pick up pan fried veal scallopini, flavoured with lemon and fresh herbs with a simple tomato, sweet onion and pesto on the side.

  • For dolce (dessert), the market offers authentic creamy and rich Italian cannoli or a handmade fresh fruit gelato.

This year’s Italian markets will be like a trip to Italy with the aromas of traditional Italian food, wine tasting and Italian music to complete the day.

Jan Power's Farmers Markets