The iPad l(a)unch

Sweating on an iPad? Fingers itching for the feel of that oh so smooth screen?

Well if yours is on a slow boat from China there is light if you live in Sydney and love tapas.

Mundo Global Tapas at Rydges North Sydney is set to be the first restaurant in Australia to implement an ordering system that is entirely reliant on the soon to be released Apple iPad when it launches iPad menus tomorrow.

Sydneysiders will now have the same opportunities as diners from some of the world’s most tech savvy cities including Tokyo and San Francisco.

Area General Manager of Rydges Hotels & Resorts, Craig Simpson, said "We've been working on this idea for a couple of months now, and it's extremely exciting to see it all come to life. In the past I've struggled to find a unique and dynamic menu format that suits the Mundo brand - but the iPad is perfect!”

Run by a custom made application, the interactive menus will allow guests to preview their dishes, as well as order directly through the iPad. However those wishing to maintain a level of engagement with the restaurant staff are welcome to order directly through a waiter.

Will waitstaff become the bank tellers of the future? Rarely seen and expensive to access? Can’t see it taking over completely but the iPad menu could reduce waiting times for the tech savvy.

The creators of the application intend to road test the system at Mundo before fixing more layers (i.e. automatic suggestions for matching wines and pairing dishes) and putting it on the market for other venues around the country.

Mundo Global Tapas + Bar is located at Rydes North Sydney, 54 McLaren Street, North Sydney 
+61 2 9965 5123