Tonic, Fortitude Valley

Tonic is a funky, small hole in the wall, no frills type of coffee shop in Hynes Street, just behind the new Leighton HQ development.

The decor is minimal with graffiti decoration on the walls and tables. The seats are small stools, one step up from milk crates.

It offers a small selection of food, such as wraps, toasties and coffee which is good!

It was early in the day so I was after something that resembled breakfast. The closest offering was a blueberry muffin but they were sold out at 9am. Fruit toast was the only other item that didn't involve lots of fat and carbs. It was good but needed a bit more butter - still need a bit of fat.

This is a popular spot for local office workers and there was a constant trail of them while we sipped on our coffee.

Parking is at a premium in this narrow street so if you can hoof it, so much the better and service is a bit hit and miss.  Maybe you need to pay extra for a smile.

Do take the time to look inside the cute gift shop next door. HB Inside has a wonderful collection of home wares with a French theme.  Lots of good gifts here and a 30 percent off sale until Saturday (July 10) - real bargains!

Bottom line: Grab a cup of coffee on the run here.

7 Hynes Street, Fortitude Valley.