The Cliffs Cafe, Kangaroo Point

When the sun is shining and the sky is blue Brisbane just begs to be explored so we jumped into the car and headed straight for the best city view in Brisbane.

Where did we find it?  The Kangaroo Point cliffs and best of all there's a cafe there now so you can enjoy the view at leisure.

We turned up at 9am on a Sunday morning and it was peak hour at the coffee. Hoping for a stroke of luck, I joined the ordering queue while K2 scoured the landscape for people who might be leaving. The tactic paid off and we found a table before I had to order but it was in the shade.  Normally a shady table is a bonus in sunny Brisbane but this was a crispy winter morning and the sunshine was definitely the place to be.

The views of the city and Brisbane River are really spectacular from here. It would be a great spot for Riverfire but you would need to find your place very early I think.   It also would be the perfect place to take tourists and visitors as it showcases Brisbane's lifestyle.  There are plenty of people around enjoying the picnic tables and barbecues and also exercising both themselves and their dogs!

Back to the food - K2 went for bacon and eggs on grilled sourdough ($10.50) and I lashed out on the breakfast special - poached eggs, holandaise, leg ham on grilled sourdough. ($13.50). Other choices included bircher muesli with berry compote,  a 'the cliffs' breakfast wrap,  a vegetarian fry up or a big breakfast for the really hungry.  Breakfast is available from 7am till 11.30am although I did see some eggs on the specials board which were available all day.

The eggs as they first came out

Ask for a little more cooking and this is what you get back...

Breakie special - not enough hollandaise for piggy me!

Coffees came first and they were good.  The meals came next and it was obvious the kitchen was feeling the strain of the Sunday morning rush. K2's eggs had whites that were far from cooked so he sent them back for a few extra minutes. The poached eggs on my special were fine but I would have liked more holandaise.
Both meals had to be eaten quickly because it was cold and breezy and the plates were not heated.  The meals were cold before we got through them.

Later in the day I came back to give the dog a walk and try a caramel slice. It was very good which is surprisingly hard to find for this simple treat.  Too often it tends to be lacking in flavour or just plain 'old'.

The dog was able to sit over on the side tied to the rail and watch us while we ate and then enjoy a walk through the gardens.  I really think it's time the laws over dogs and outdoor cafes were reviewed, especially if Brisbane wants to be taken seriously as an international destination.

The Kangaroo Point Parklands provide plenty of entertainment options for children with a large playground and some big grassy areas.  And if you want to do-it-yourself there are barbecues and picnic tables lining the cliff. Plenty of street parking is located close by.

Bottom line: Great views, good coffee, okay food. The perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful Brisbane day but not great in windy or rainy weather.  Very child friendly.

The Cliffs Cafe
3 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point Parklands, Kangaroo Point. +61 7 3391 7771

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