Cupcakes for canine pals

Do you feel guilty biting into your favourite cupcake treat with your dog giving you 'puppy' eyes?

I swear my dog has been to acting school and graduated with a distinction!

If I lived in Sydney and was able to visit 'Sparkle', on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, right in the heart of doggie land, I would certainly be lining up for one of their 'Pupcakes'.

They are made entirely from dog friendly ingredients including whole meal flour, grated apple, apple juice and honey, topped with ground meaty doggy treats and a carob dollop in the shape of paw prints or dog bones.

You can even get take-home 'Pupcakes' in Sparkle packaging with a sticker sealing the bag or box "For Your Pooch Only".

The mini size 'Pupcakes' are $3 each for 'eat now' or $6 for two take away in a luxury Sparkle bag. I don't think the Sparkle bag would really impress my pooch because he's only interested in the food, but they might find a market with more discerning types like poodles or chiwawas.

Look out for Cupcake Day for the RSPCA on August 16. Sparkle Cupcakery will do their bit by giving cupcakes away for donation at Martin Place on August 10 with all proceeds going to the RSPCA.

Disclaimer (Just in case the dog reads this): That's not my dog in the photo - he's a very cute corgi and would not be amused to see another pooch on this blog. Please don't tell him.

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