Search for the perfect cupcake continues

I felt a little guilty as I chose the pink cupcake with the blue flower. The small girl standing beside me in the queue surely wouldn't care if her's had a yellow flower?

The range in the display case at Michel's Patisserie at Brookside Shopping Centre, Mitchelton was extensive but once again my eyes had been caught by the cupcakes.

On the way to our eating place of choice, a sweet flowery aroma filled the car and, to my surprise, it was coming from the cupcake! Later I was to discover the bright pink icing was the culprit.

Perhaps the little girl was more satisfied with her cupcake but I found mine disappointing. The sorta-spongy cake had only a smidgen of flavour and the icing tasted like strawberry cordial - wrong!

Much better were the cupcakes Wayne Lee dropped by recently.  The king of hidden centres, Wayne's soft-centred cupcakes are packed full of natural flavour. My tasting panel (me and V Diddy) enjoyed Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Crumble, Passionfruit Meringue and Lemon Curd Meringue.  I loved the touch of spice in the Apple Crumble cupcake and the vanilla bean essence in the icing.

Wayne's cupcakes are currently being enjoyed at a couple of golf clubs or through Plates and Platters Catering.  If you'd like to order direct you can catch him at

Bottom line: Michel's cupcakes might be best served to children. Try Wayne Lee's for an adult cupcake hit.