Planet Cake cupcakes workshop

"Did you REALLY make these?" were the words that bounced of the walls when I walked in the door with a box of cupcakes.

"They are so good", they both said in amazement.

Humbly, I had to confess that the others in the class made much more spectacular and realistic penguins and scarier monsters than moi. However I was still proud of my efforts, completed in a little over an hour and a half.

No, I didn't bake the cupcakes. These were supplied as part of the Planet Cake cupcake decorating workshop at Grass Tree Kitchen, Deagon.

The inspiration for the workshop was Paris Cutler's new book Planet Cake Cupcakes, published by Murdoch Books.

Paris shared some interesting insights into cupcakes, cake decorating and the art of running a business in the industry.  If you are thinking of venturing here make sure you do one of her one day courses before you commit.

She also suggested those interested in decorating cakes look carefully at books before they buy and select those written in for for tropical climates - too much grief can come from attempting techniques and using materials that just won't work in our humidity - you are warned!

Then it was down to business - cutting the top off the cupcakes to make them level with the paper, white chocolate ganache and then a disc of fondant icing on the top, smoothed with a thin sheet of acetate.  Decorating looked hard but was surprisingly easy even in the rushed enviroment of the class.  I'd definitely try it again and would revel in the super star status that arriving with the cupcakes to an event would bestow.

After my two hour stint I'd  happily give it another go.  The illustrations in the book look a little daunting but in the class we made pared down versions which are much more easily achieved for a beginner.

First cupcake decorated - three to go

Bottom line: buy the book and give it a go.  When you turn up with the cupcakes you'll be a rock star! I'm sure YOUR family will believe you made them.

Want to know more about Planet Cake and their courses +612 9810 3843