Cupcake Gallery 2010

2010 in a cupcake!

Here's a pictorial record of the best of the cupcakes I have tasted in 2010.  It's long, and therefore a bit scary when you add the calories, but worth every bite.

I've only recorded the best here - those that were not worth the calories have been discarded.

Over 40 cupcakes for your viewing pleasure.

Inspired by Steph's comment at the end, I'm asking you to select your fav from the list and guess mine!

Christmas cupcake, Cupcakes on Pitt, Sydney - didn't actually eat this one but it's so pretty I wanted to include it.
Profiterole cupcake, The Cupcake Bakery, Sydney

Mini cupcakes, Ghermez, George Street, Sydney.

Fairy cupcake at Tognini's, Spring Hill

JudyC's Christmas cupcakes, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Cupcakes at Para Road Walk Festival, Barossa, SA

 Mini cupcakes, Ghermez, George Street, Sydney

Spiced Apple cupcake at Dandilion and Driftwood, Hendra, Brisbane

Valentine's cupcake from Couture Cupcakes, Bardon, Brisbane.

Red Velvet cupcake, Comfort at my Table, Milton, Brisbane

Banana cupcake, Serendipity, Wilston.
Fairy cake and Lemon Meringue cupcakes, Couture Cupcakes, Bardon, Brisbane

Vanilla Pod, Ascot, Brisbane

Lemon curd cupcakes, Floriditas, Wellington, New Zealand

Can't remember where this one came from but sadly my hips tell me that I ate it!  Somewhere in Noosa!
Japanese cupcakes at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown

Red velvet cupcake, Milkbar, Ashgrove Brisbane.
Mr Big, BTS, Adelaide

Oreo cupcake, Cafe le Net, Indooroopilly Shopping Town, Brisbane

cupcake made by Wayne Lee

Cocolate, Adelaide

Ferrero Rocher cupcake, Couture Cupcakes

Trish's carrot cupcakes

Chocolate beetroot cupcakes, Noosa Farmers Market, Noosa, Sunshine Coast.

Mini cupcakes, BTS, Pirie Street, Adelaide

Kerry's choc mud cupcakes

The Tea Centre, Albert Lane

Couture Cupcakes, Bardon

Choc mousse cupcake, Welsh Lady, Rosalie, Brisbane.

Easter cupcakes, Milk Bar, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Peppermint and Crunchie cupcakes on Pitt, Pitt Street, Sydney

Caramel cupcake, Cafe le Net, Indooroopilly, Brisbane.

Black, Hendra, Brisbane

Elixir, Stafford, Brisbane.
Mini vanilla cupcakes, Mad Espresso, Albert Street Lane,  Brisbane.

Kerry's cupcakes made with Sunbeam cupcake maker

Valentine's cupcakes, Couture cupcakes

Honey syrup cupcakes with caramel and choc bees, Wellington City Markets, Wellington, New Zealand

Kerry's cupcake decorating effort from Planet Cake cupcake decorating class.

Orange syrup cupcakes by Kerry