Big cupcakes!

When a little cupcake just won’t do, sometimes you just have to think big!

I am lining up to try this new Wiltshire Partybake ‘Decorate Me’ Big Cupcake Pan.

It’s a non-stick pan with two moulds that produce one giant cupcake. The moulds are sized and designed for even baking.

One mould creates the cake’s scalloped base, the other is for the embossed top. If you want to make it super easy, fill each with a regular cake mix (the whole cake is made from two regular cake mixes designed to fill a 20cm cake tin) then bake according to your recipe’s directions.

Once cooled, the two halves can be joined together with icing, cream, frosting or jam to create the perfect big cupcake masterpiece. 

Decorate the top – or leave it plain – and you have a giant cupcake that makes a sweet statement in a major way! 

The Wiltshire development team were keen to include a few essentials in the pan’s design. They wanted it to take a standard cake mix, fit into a standard 40cm oven (can’t think of anything worse than going to put a pan in the oven and finding it doesn’t fit) and ensure that the cake mix cooks evenly.  Evidently some imported pans are too deep and the cake stays wet inside. (Have you had this problem?)

The Wiltshire Partybake ‘Decorate Me’ Big Cupcake Pan is available in Big W  RRP $14.95.

If you've got some tips on using this type of cake pan, please share!