Cupcakes by K, Chermside West, Brisbane

I'm back on serious hunt for Brisbane's best cupcakes as I've been asked to nominate my top three!

I am revisiting previous faves and visiting those that have fallen through the gap like Cupcakes by K.

This operation bakes cupcakes to order all week long but only opens for over the counter sales on weekends from 9am to 3:30pm on Saturdays and 9:30am to 2pm on Sundays.

It's run by Kellie, another self proclaimed Cupcake Queen, who became turned off and frustrated by the usually mass produced, frozen, loaded with additives and preservatives cakes and sweets offered in coffee shops and bakeries.  Kellie, I feel your pain! She says they lack that real home made taste that has become a bit of a lost art in today’s bustling world. 'Biting into a sponge mattress' is how my daughter described one cupcake bought from a cupcake shop.

So Cupcakes by K use a vanilla butter cake recipe passed down in Kellie's family for generations. They are a special occasion baker and bake to order so their cupcakes are always fresh.

When I popped in on Saturday morning Kellie had a selection of very pretty cupcakes on display and more, she promised out the back.  I made my choice of a pretty pink one and quickly set to tasting. Mmm, luscious, fresh butter cake with a simple but flavorsome icing to match. Not quite like my granny used to make but still a great combo.

Kellie's shop has crystal chandelier and antique cash register plus an extensive range of beautiful gifts, cupcake stands and cupcake decorations. Unfortunately Cupcakes by K concentrate on their catering side and don't offer a place to eat their delightful cupcakes with a suitable beverage - it's strictly takeaway.

Bottom line: Simple, old style cupcakes that are worth the calories!

Cupcakes by K, Shop 12, 72 Basnett St, Chermside West, Brisbane