Monty's Chocolates, Paddington - closed

Last night I enjoyed a chocolate extravaganza with Steve Sheldon of Monty's Chocolates, Paddington as he led us on a tasting through some of his new products.

Decorating his store at the moment are some of the largest Easter eggs I've ever seen. Steve says he's taking one home for Easter for what has become a Sheldon family tradition. One of his children will get to break the egg on Easter Sunday and then the family will share it. Last time it was cracked on someone's head - what will be the method this year I wonder?

Several of the new treats are rather large chocolate hits - to large to be consumed at once. As Steve explains these made a perfect family treat that can be eaten by a crowd or over several days (depending on your chocolate eating style!)

Of course all this chocolate eating advice comes from a man who starts and ends each day with chocolate!

Here's what Steve has in store -

Hand made chocolates from Rococo - think rose, lychee and raspberry covered with chocolate conched for up to 100 hours or a banana and thyme combo that will rock your socks. Also on the plate was a chewy salted caramel with a heavy, buttery fudge choc caramel flavour highlighted with a tang of salt.

A highlight of the evening was a slither of the Francios Pralus Cubissime - a perfectly boxed, gold-covered solid moist cube of chocolate with the subtle crunch of nuts

You'll never look at a caramello egg again once you taste a L'artisan du chocolate creme de la creme egg. The rich yellow 'yolk' interior is flavoured with apricot and mandarin in the dark chocolate egg and passionfruit in the milk chocolate egg - divine.

And I'm one step ahead of Steve - he's waiting till Easter Sunday to taste the new nougat slice with freeze dried raspberries. I can tell him it just melts in your mouth with the intense, full flavour of my favourite fruit - raspberries. Yum!

Bottom line: Find all this and more at Monty's.

Monty's Chocolate,
155 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, p 3369 3135