New Queensland Food Fellow

A big congratulations to Alison Alexander who has been appointed to the inaugural role of Queensland Food Fellow.

Alison has been a strong supporter of Queensland produce for many years and has a finger in so many Queensland food pies it's hard to keep track! 

You will know her from the Brisbane Hilton Masterclass which she organises every second year and the Brisbane Exhibition where she, along with Peter Howard, runs the Queensland room.

Alison has crossed the length and breadth of the state in her food fueled discoveries and has an encyclopedic knowledge of who, what, where and when.  She is the one that I, and many others, turn to when faced with a 'where do I get that' question, and graciously, she's nearly always got an answer!

Making the announcement, Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies, Tim Mulherin said over the next two years Alison would be travelling across Queensland and interstate to the self proclaimed food capitals of Sydney and Melbourne to profile the food and innovative food science of Queensland.

Top of the list are Queensland's world class beef, North Queensland barramundi, Hervey Bay scallops, Kingaroy pork, tropical fruit and fresh winter vegetables.

Alison Alexander and Sally Lynch following the appointment announcement.

Alison also will be working in partnership with the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) and industry to develop projects aimed at enhancing Queensland's food reputation.

I'd also like to pay tribute here to Kaye Nunnan and her team at DEEDI for their excellent work showcasing Queensland food and bringing rural producers into the spotlight. Well done!