Jamaica blue, Mooloolaba

With warm sun on your back everything seems aright, even an average breakfast.

A sunny spot at the breakfast table was my motivation for choosing a table at Jamaica Blue on the water front stretch at Mooloolaba under Zanzibar on The Esplanade. It seemed perfect for a sun shining, blue sky, Sunshine Coast day.

The breakfast menu offered reasonable selection which included a mini breakfast frittatas, smoked salmon potato cakes, eggs Benedict and eggs anyway you want them. 

With a day of solid work ahead of us, we all decided on protein breakfast with eggs as the star.

K2 and I ordered scrambled eggs and bacon ($13) while V Diddy chose poached eggs with avocado ($13).

They all arrived fairly quickly and that was the best part. The scrambled eggs were functional at best - no fripperies here, and no bacon. That only arrived after I reminded the wait staff of our order.  It was salty, fatty bacon, the sort that leaves a nasty film on your lips.

V Diddy was dismayed by the size of the slice of avocado that came with her eggs. Too small, was her comment.

The bread was another disappointment - I can't remember the last time I had plain white sliced bread with my brekkie, home or out.

K2 was equally unimpressed by the coffee - weak and milky, he said.

We finished breakfast with a walk along the promenade basking in the warm sun. Some hardy folk were swimming but for me there was enough pleasure in simply looking at the beach.

Jamaica Blue is a franchise with over 80 locations and it feels like that.

Bottom line: there's plenty of choice in beach front cafes and probably better, more creative value to be found.

Jamaica Blue
The Esplanade, Mooloolaba.