Sausage fest, Beak style

I'm not a huge fan of the sausage.  Usually I find them full of overly salted and spiced 'meat' which to me indicates a cover up for poor quality ingredients.

But I'm always up for a challenge so when the good folk from Mr Beaks said would I like to try some of theirs the answer was yes.

They claim to have the meatiest sausage in Australia with a 90 - 93 per cent meat content. The other bit of news from them, which comes as no surprise, is that the standard sausage contains little meat but rather a combo of cheap fillers, left over cuts and fat.

So it was with a good degree of cynicism that I put sausages on the menu for dinner.  The biggest plus, from my point of view, is that sausages are a barbeque dinner and when it comes to the barbeque K2 rules.  So I handed the sausages over and they came back cooked.  How, I'm not sure because K2 is MAN and he knows how to barbeque - just don't ask any questions!

But the real surprise is that they were delicious and even better, not so salty that we had to race to the tap at midnight to satiate an unbearable thirst. Probably because the sausages have a high PH and therefore don't need phosphates to retain shelf-life freshness.

We tried the Original and Spicy Salsa varieties and found it hard to tell the difference between the two. However in our house that's a good thing as we are not overly fond of very spicy food.

There's a bit of a history to these sausages as well with the Beak family involved in the meat industry for 25 years.

The bottom line:  a tick of approval - especially for the price of $5.99 for a pack.Find them at Woolworths.