Scrumptious morning tea from Vanilla Pod

When someone calls and says "Will you be home tomorrow morning, we'd like to deliver you morning tea?"  I can only say yes.

And when Angela arrived at my door with a box full of goodies the task of sorting out my office suddenly seemed so unimportant.

So I've just finished indulging in the most delightful tea break - handmade scones (date and plain), thick whipped cream and a selection of new jams from Pursell's Provisions.

It will probably come as no surprise as my sweet tooth is well known, but I'm a bit of a jam lover.  I've even made it on a regular basis for Christmas presents from my great grandmother's apricot jam recipe.  Luckily great grandmother was not a tricky cook so the jam usually works well and is popular, particularly with the addition of a few good slurps of Bundaberg rum under the careful supervision of Number 1 Son.

But all jams now pale in comparison beside these new delights from Pursell's which are so full of flavour they really dance around your mouth.

There's Papaya made from a secret recipe from Vanuatu - apart from it's vibrant colour it has a real tropical flavour.  It will take you back to that holiday in a nano second.

The Apple Rhubarb and Vanilla jam has a lovely texture from grated apple and the vanilla highlight is superb.

Mandarin and Vanilla Marmalade really captures the mandarin flavour with another light hit of vanilla.

My morning tea box came with a Flowering Amaranth Tea which opens into a bouquet in your cup - very pretty.

Now the only thing left to do is convince Vanilla Pod owner Carla Burns to offer these morning tea packs as takeaways.  You could take one to a girlfriend's for a special treat or head down to the park with a thermos of hot water and cups for a divine break in the sun. Can't think of a better way to spend one of these beautifully warm winter mornings.

Bottom line:  I can't wait to try other Pursell's Provisions products.

Vanilla Pod Cake & Deli Cafe
119b Lancaster Road,
Ascot  p 3268 7285