Brew, Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane City

They say you learn something every day and today I learned that Burnett Lane has another side.

Lived in Brisbane all my life and it's taken me until now to discover this.

Granted until Brew opened this part of the lane was probably no more than a car park entry and underground storage area and it doesn't look much different now except it is home to a decidedly funky little cafe and bar that reeks Melbourne.

Looks can be deceiving and at first glance all you see is the small cafe bar at the front with the increasingly common milk crate seats. But behind the coffee machine lurks an underground catacomb of cafe/bar delight.  The lighting is moody, the furniture distressed but comfy and the menu simple but eminently tasty.

Look for this new organic and sustainable yoghurt, five:am,  in Woolies and speciality stores.

Oh and the coffee is seriously good.

If you are in to something new and different this is definitely the place for you. It's certainly a refreshing change to normal city offerings.

I tried the poached eggs which were a cut above the normal and my companions were pleased with their avo on toast.  Simple meals but well executed.

Find it on the corner of Albert Street and Burnett Lane.  Look for an alley way that leads down to the cafe.

This is the wrong end of Burnett Lane to find Brew

Bottom line: Try it and you might just be hooked.

Lower Burnett Lane
Brisbane (07) 3211 4242

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