Relax in tropical bliss at Palm Cove

Walking along the foreshore of Palm Cove just outside Cairns on a sunny spring day my only thought is when can I get back here.

The sky is blue, the waves are gently lapping the shore line of creamy sand and palm trees gently sway in the breeze above my head.

It's warm but not oppresively so, and the beach or even the hotel pool certainly beckon, but it's the 600 year old paperbarks lining the casual road that winds along the front that really grab my attention. They soar magestically above the path reaching over the buldings creating an atmosphere of seculsion and calm. Protected from developments, the trees are incorporated into buildings and it's not uncommon to have one in the middle of a restaurant. They really set this strip apart from the others and if you're a tree lover you might even become a tree hugger after visiting here.

Palm Cove is a protected little beach strip about 25 minutes north of Cairns Airport in North Queensland. There's an abundance of hotels ling the strip but I stayed at Peppers Beach Club & Spa which has everything a family could want. If you've got small children this resort and Palm Cove are perfectly suited to a relaxed family holiday where sun and sand are the top entertainment items.

There's plenty of good food options including the nationally acclaimed Nu Nu under Nick Holloway. Walk the strip and you'll find cafes, delis, ice cream shops, bars and pubs.

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