Harajuku Gyoza, Fortitude Valley

Who would have thought Brisbanites would be queueing around the block for dumplings?

But they are, even on a Tuesday night in the Valley's busy Brunswick Street where there is no shortage of options.

Harajuku Gyoza has taken Brisbane by storm and it's not hard to work out why.  The food is easy to like, the staff are welcoming, happy and enthusiastic, it's well priced and there's plenty of atmosphere and entertainment.

There's nothing that will set the world on fire about the food.  It's a great range of dumplings - pork, chicken, duck, whole prawn and vege - available grilled or poached with some traditional sides including edamame, steamed rice, pickled cabbage and cucumber with miso. There's a Xmas option of grilled turkey and cranberry gyoza that's worth trying.

Izakaya dishes include chicken karage, pork katsudon, agedashi tofu and beef gyudon.

Dessert is limited to apple goyza with ice cream and they are great!

And the prices sit easy on the pocket with five dumpling pieces for $8 for most varieties.  In fact there's nothing more than $11 on the menu!

Friends tell me this is very Japanese in it's concept and certainly the staff all fit the look.  I loved their cute uniforms and the melamine plates which line the walls and also double up for dinner.

The sake ritual is fabulously entertaining - do order several at once and you'll enjoy the show.

Here's what we ate.

Grilled turkey and cranberry gyoza
Chicken karage
Pork Katsudon
Apple Gyoza with ice cream
Bottom line:  great inexpensive night out.  No bookings so be prepared to queue or arrive indecently early for dinner - like before 6.30pm.

Harajuku Gyoza

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