Meet the chef - Olivier Boudon

Add a bit of French finesse to your cooking by learning some tricks of the trade from Olivier Boudon, chef/owner of Sprout at Auchenflower at the Regional Flavours Epicurious Tent between 2-3 pm on Sunday July 22.

Olivier, who fell in love with Brisbane during a visit in 1998, eventually convinced his wife to settle here in 2010.

He describes Brisbane as - vibrant, relaxed and surprising!

"Actually it’s the diners choosing to eat early that most surprises me. I am used to Europe where dining is enjoyed much later in the evening," Olivier says.

I asked Olivier about his favourite Brisbane meal and what dining experience would he like to see open in Brisbane.

"I had the most amazing meal recently at Sake, it was a Prawn Popcorn and was sensational. If I had a magic wand I would love to see a restaurant that was open 24/7 in Brisbane. One of my favourites in Paris is Au Pied de Cochon – which opens 24/7, 365 days a year, but I fully understand that the opportunity for this style of restaurant may be limited with a smaller dining population."

So what dish would Olivier create to represent Brisbane to the world and where would he like to eat it?

"Wow – difficult question, certainly mud crab would be the main ingredient, simple with chilli, salt and pepper and stir fried. It would have to be eaten with a fabulous water view, either across the Brisbane River or across Moreton Bay, but that would represent Brisbane to me.

“I love anything fresh and I will do whatever I can to find the very best available. My food represents my culinary soul and should always be healthy, modern and simple, uniquely prepared and imaginatively presented.”

You'll find Olivier sharing his fusion of French, Asian and Australia cuisine at the Epicurious Tent located on the grassy area off Little Stanley Street, north of Earnest Street.  It's a free session.

Regional Flavours  is a part of Delectable.

Sprout French Café has a fresh brasserie-style fixed price menu for lunch and dinner. And it's BYO - gotta love that!