Salted caramel butterscotch sauce - recipe

Caramel is my Achilles' heel, my biggest weakness, my first love. 

Given a choice between caramel, chocolate or any other sugary treat, caramel wins every time.

Here's a lovely recipe from Caroline Jones, who has Three Girls Skipping and Boucher at Graceville.

Meringue with mascarpone cream, Babinda banana and salted caramel butterscotch sauce

125g Thickened cream
115g Brown sugar
40g Unsalted butter
5g Vanilla extract
5g Sea Salt flakes

Melt the butter and add the sugar. Stir and add cream while stirring slowly. Lastly add vanilla and salt and over a low heat, bring to a simmer for 15 mins.

Let cool for a few hours or overnight.

To assemble, lay down a piece of pavlova sheet, add a heaped spoon of mascarpone cream. Top with bananas cut in half length ways, pour as much sauce on as you can handle and finish with another piece of pavlova. Dust with icing sugar and enjoy!

Caroline Jones

"Pete Carter has been making this since early River Canteen days and it was a staple on their menu every Ambiwerra," Caroline says.

"I might add, Pete and I dispute who actually came up with the dish - I claim I did and he stakes the same claim - a bone of contention between us!"

"It is the perfect combination - sweet and salty, creamy....very moreish!

Boucher French Bistro
365 Honour Avenue