Kitchen confidential - on the shelves

I'm what's known in the business as an 'early adopter' - the one who scans the supermarket shelves for the new items and often buys them to try. Some of them work better than others as my family will tell you.

This week on my shelves I'm trialling a couple of new drinks sent to me and trying to figure out 101 ways with asparagus.

Here's a peek at what's on my kitchen bench -

Pralus Creme de Noisette

This stuff makes Nutella look like a pale imitation. It's hazelnut cream like you've never had it before, unless you've tried Pralus chocolates which would give a strong hint of what to expect.  The flavour is full and rich.
Steve Sheldon from Monty's Chocolates gave me this jar to try.  When I asked him what to spread it on he said anything.  I think Steve would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner but then Steve probably eats more chocolate than anyone I know.  (He does own chocolate shops.)

Good: Delicious flavour, creamy and rich.  Not the sort of thing you are going to forget quickly.  A real treat.

Bad:  I'm just not going to think about kj here or price. Just be warned.

Bottom line:  Hard to resist. I could only buy one jar at a time.

Available from Monty's Chocolates.

Kokomo coconut water

I'm no stranger to buying a coconut from a roadside stall while travelling in Asia and enjoying coconut milk straight from the nut! It's better cooled but when you are thirsty it's a great fix.

Kokomo  contains coconut water that is sourced directly from young green coconuts, plucked from the plentiful palms in the Philippines. Unlike calorie-rich coconut milk that is derived from the meat of mature coconuts, coconut water is the pure, clear liquid that is only found in young coconuts 6-9 months old.

What can you use Kokomo for?
• To replenish after a jog or the gym
• To hydrate after a big night out  (I did and it was good)
• For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up (tried that and was good)
• To assist mental performance and concentration

Good - full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, minus the calories. It is a natural source of key electrolytes. It is high in potassium - more than a banana. 274kj, so is a healthy snack serve.

Bad - Can't really think of anything bad except that unlike water it's not free.

Bottom line - I will buy this product.

Kokomo is available nationally at Woolworths supermarkets and all good convenience stores.

eff juices

I mostly like to drink water when I'm thirsty but it does get a bit boring however I tried these eff drinks and found them rather pleasing.  New effervescent fruit juice, eff, has made its debut in time for summer, when refreshing, icy juices and zesty cocktails are high on the agenda. Lightly carbonated to keep the juices fresh and naturally preserved, eff’s three exotic flavours are light, uplifting and vibrant – great for hot summer days and summer soirees.

Good - no added sugar, low G1, and at only 380kj, a drink is an acceptable snack.

Bad - equal to one daily serve of fruit which makes me think I would be better eating the fruit. Truth is I am probably not going to do that when I want a quick drink.

Bottom line: 
I prefer the orange one which tastes a bit like Fanta but not as many calories.  I would buy this when I'm out and about and wanted a refreshing drink.  The lemon and lime version made my mouth dry like I had been sucking a lemon - no surprise there really. :)

eff is currently stocked in selected IGAs and Foodworks. If you’re on the road and in need of a juice fix, you can also find it at BP and Caltex stores in the healthy section. And if online shopping is your thing, you can also get eff from the eff online store at

Disclaimer:  These product samples were given to E,d+bK. The responses are my own unbiased opinion.