Pineapple on your plate + $150 shopping voucher give away

What do I eat in a day? I was a bit scared when thinking about this as some days, like the one at the recent Noosa Food and Wine Festival where I ate my way through two degustations with 12 courses in total in one day, are extreme.

When I’m at home it’s a different matter as I’m trying and sometimes failing to stick to a light and lean diet to balance all that excess. I also exercise weekdays with half an hour walking on a cross trainer at the gym or a pump class.

So when I had to share what I eat in a day with Dr Joanna McMillan who is the Australian Pineapples ambassador, I decided to pick a home day.  It’s cheating a bit I know.

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My day on a plate

Breakfast- Small dish of Vogel’s toasted muesli with 2 teaspoons LSA, a sprinkle of raspberries (frozen) and oat milk with a cup of tea.

Mid morning -Banana with a cup of tea.

Lunch - Salad with olives, tomatoes, tin of tuna (spring water drained), coriander on top, balsamic dressing.

Afternoon- Cupcake and a cappuccino

Dinner - Small steak with salad and mashed potatoes with a glass of red wine

Dessert - Two squares Lindt Chilli Chocolate

+ Eight glasses of water a day.



I was really relieved when Dr Joanna didn’t tell me to rip up my diet and start again. Instead she made some really great suggestions which I have incorporated into my diet.

For breakfast she recommended I make sure my oat milk is fortified with calcium to help prevent osteoporosis, that I swap LSA (a ground mix of almonds, linseed and sesame seeds) for almonds which I grind or crush myself for higher nutrition.  She loved the raspberries and advised all types of berries are great and even let me have the toasted muesli without too much hesitation.  An egg was another breakfast alternative she advocated.

My banana and tea for mid-morning passed with flying colours and are evidently an important part of keeping blood sugar levels stable. She suggested other fruits, including pineapple could be alternatives.

For lunch Joanna proposed that I add some carbs, such as a slice of bread, to the mix to create a feeling of fullness that would get me through the afternoon without sweet treats.  I suspect she was referring to my next treat, a cupcake!

Steak and a glass of red wine were fine for dinner but go easy on the potatoes were her tips.

And my two squares of chocolate also passed.

So I’m making a few changes and aiming for diet zen on my home days. 

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Kerry Heaney