Scandinavian Festival in Brisbane

It was more than a smorgasbord when the Scandinavian Festival at Newstead brought together the local clubs of Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway and, of course, their food.

There was everything from Danish ice cream to Norwegian waffles and Swedish pastries plus lots of other delicious treats including meat balls straight from Ikea!

 The Saga Vikings Group display looked like a film set for the SBS show Vikings with some very authentic looking characters.  I was taken by the food display which showed the Viking diet from 1000 years ago – they were very healthy eaters!  This group is constructing their own Viking village,  including a Longhouse, at Joyner and is in to making authentic costumes, Viking-related items and food.

Here’s what I saw –

The Scandinavian Festival was held in Austin Street, Newstead.  Check their Facebook page for news of future events.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.