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See the Good Food & Wine Show in style for free!

How would you like to take your best friend to the Good Food & Wine Show on Sunday November 10 with a Platinum Pass valued at $75 per person? 

Ed+bK has four double Platinum passes ($600 total prize pool) to give away – see below for details.

These tickets include:

* Entry to the Good Food and Wine Show valued at $25
* Access to the VIP Room including complimentary beverages and canapés

* Reserved seat in the 10am celebrity theatre session on Sunday with local legend Matt Golinski.  This entertaining and inspiring session will get you up close and personal to Matt as he prepares some mouth-watering new recipes and shares some expert tricks and new techniques to try at home. This is the only solo session Matt will hold during this year's show.
* Gourmet Gift bag
* Complimentary Tasting glass

This is the ninth year for the Good Food & Wine in Brisbane which runs at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday 8 November to Sunday 10 November.  It’s a haven for food lovers with the chance to discover new tastes, revisit old food friends, learn new techniques and generally have a great time.

Last year I saw many friends wandering the aisles at the show, their arms full of purchases and I came home laden with goodies.  There were plenty of bargains to be found.

I particularly like the opportunity to see a good selection of Queensland’s regional produce.  This year there’s even a Gympie Region Food Trail to discover.

Other things to check out while you are visiting on include -

•    Celebrity Theatre - Australia’s top chefs hit the kitchen and share their recipes and tips. This year - Miguel Maestre, Maggie Beer, Matt Moran and Matt Golinksi.
•    Riedel Wine Theatre –the best Australian wine, rare vintage drops and new boutique labels.

•    Cheese Alley– moreish cheeses to sample from various regions across Australia
•    The Chopping Block -  Celebrity chefs in action. Pick up some useful cooking tips, taste free samples, have your cookbook signed and prize draws.
•    A Journey through Coffee with Nespresso– masterclass that takes participants on a unique and sensorial journey in a fun and interactive session.
•    Dymocks Books Signings– meet your favourite celeb chef and have them sign your cookbook.

Adult ticket prices start at $25 and children under 12 can enter free. The Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday 8 November to Sunday 10 November and is open 9am to 5pm each day.

For more information, event schedules and to buy tickets visit and get updates via Facebook and Twitter.

How can you get yourself a  Platinum double pass?  It's a two step process - First include your details in the in the Giveaway box so I can contact you if you are one of the lucky ones getting ttickets.

Second leave a comment below in the comments section of the blog on why you'd like to go and who you would take.  (Tip - Look right at the bottom where it says Links to this post – look to left of that where it will say 14 or so comments – click on that and a box will pop up and this is where you leave a comment. You'll see lots of other comments there too.)

You must do both steps to be in the running.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best tip:  Go early or late to this show – it can get crowded.
Bottom line: Great bargains at the end of the last day as retailers clear their stalls.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer:  Ed+bK has been given tickets by Good Food & Wine Show for this giveaway.


  1. Melanie Raabe5:17 pm

    I'm really looking forward to this years show!

  2. I would love to win passes as me and my best friend need to cheer ourselves up. We discovered we were too old to enjoy Brissy nightlife, but we would love to savour Brissy foodlife.

  3. patimickey8:45 pm

    I would like to have the double pass for the show because I have strong passion for food and I admire those celebrities. I would take my housemate as we enjoy conversation over dinner with wine at home and I would like to share this opportunity with her!

  4. I'd love to win passes as I can go this year, after missing the last two years due to conflicting events. I'd like to take my daughter as last year she was a volunteer for the event, so even though she was there she wasn't able to enjoy the taste testing and watch any of the theatre events.

  5. This year's Good Food and Wine Show will be our 4th and it's definitely one of the highlights of our foodie calendar. Would love to take full advantage this year.

  6. My wife and I would love to get up close and see (and support) Matt. He is a real inspiration! And of course get involved and sample some great food!

  7. I'd love to go and check out cheese alley again (especially Bruny Island!). This year I'm hoping to spit my wine tasting over a couple of days. Heaps of master classes to see. So little time.

  8. Andrew E10:30 pm

    I would love to win. My partner and I are pretty new to Brisbane and would love to explore the foodie scene up here. She is also a vegetarian, so I am always looking for some veg flavoured inspiration in the kitchen.

  9. I'd really like to go to the Good Food & Wine Show because I'm a new member to the foodie world and would really appreciate the chance to meet and talk to Brisbane (and Australia's)finest and most influential chefs and food critics.

    I would love to take on the opportunity to watch the magic of these master chefs unfold in front of my eyes, and hopefully learn a few tips and tricks here and there. Also, I really look forward to tasting the fresh Australian produce, and the fine exquisite food from all parts of Australia and probably the rest of the world.

    I would probably bring my mum because one of our favourite past times is cooking and creating feasts together for our family and friends.

    My details are:


  10. I'm on the world's greatest 'diet', one where you only eat the most fantastic, enticing and wholesome foods.

    There's not much on my mind during the working day other than food - it's central to some of my life's best memories of family, friends, celebrations and travel. If I'm not trawling recipe sites or experimenting with 'on trend' ingredients in the kitchen, I'm dreaming of my next foodie feast.

    I've never had a chance to run wild in the ultimate foodie heaven, so I can confidently say I'd greedily sink my teeth into the eclectic Brissie scene and make Kerry proud. It's time to tick everything off my ambitious culinary bucket list!

  11. We would LIVE to win tickets because we are keen foodies and as the parents of small children never get out!! Please help us to escape as share all the celebrity chefs have to teach us.

  12. Wow! What a dedicated lot of foodies you are. Wish I had tickets for everyone. Keep those entries coming folks.

  13. Anonymous11:03 am

    As a Market Stall holder and passionate foodie my wife and I would relish the chance to attend the show on a VIP pass! We have never been able to make it in the past so this could be our year :)
    Nick & Brooke Copping

  14. I'd love to go and support the show and all the food stalls! It's always a great time of year to experience all that is fresh and new on the food scene. Would love to take my partner along so he can expand his palate!

  15. Anonymous2:26 pm

    I'd love to take my husband to the good food and wine show as we've never had a chance to go before!
    Melissa WIndsor

  16. OMG - I'd love to attend with my husband as we love food and wine and are missing the diversity we are accustomed to having moved from Y Valley to G Coast earlier in the year. We're so excited about finding great producers up here and this would be a great opportunity! (and thanks to Kerry for her patience in helping me post this :):) I must be blonde lol)

  17. Anonymous3:12 pm

    I love the Good Food and Wine Show, awesome ideas, lots to do and see. Love to win and see Matt G again

  18. I've never been & would love to experience it for the first time. My husband & I recently moved to Brisbane & it'd great to taste & learn where to purchase some local products!

  19. Anonymous4:59 pm

    I have never been to a food and wine show and this old be a great opportunity to do that, meet the inspiring matt golinski and see other happy people enjoying food and wine.

  20. Anonymous5:04 pm

    I have gone every year with my great friend Jane and my 13 year old son has complained every single time that I have not taken him. He's a real foodie and willing to try anything just like me (so proud). So I promised him that this year I would take him. Please Kerry make me mum of the year!

  21. Angela8:54 pm

    Just love all those yummy celebrity chefs and all the fabulous food they make. I certainly need some inspiration & tips to take home to my kitchen. I would take my Husband because he is my best friend & shares my love for learning to create & taste all things yummy!!

  22. Im a foodie who is new to Brisbane! Would love to see how this food event differs from those in my country but is a little too expensive for me to go with my partner! Your tickets are the key to opening our horizon! Thank you!

  23. Mehera6:31 pm

    What an amazing and inspirational experience you are offering! Australia's finest... produce, chefs, wares & wines...who could ask for anything more? oh wait you are letting me see the incredibly inspirational & humbling Matt Golinski doing what he loves and allowing me to bring my best friend to share the experience~!... BRING IT ON!

  24. I would love to see Matt Gollinski's show, he is truly an inspiration. And of course samples some wine, lots of wine :)

  25. I'm in love with Miguel Maestre, Maggie Beer, Matt Moran and Matt Golinksi. All have outstanding skills and have gone through the hard yards to get to the top of their profession! Last year I was lucky enough to meet Maggie Beer.. I was over the moon!

  26. As a Foodie Philistine who loves to eat, I would relish (see what I did there?) the opportunity to gobble up this festival. I would take one of my gay besties. Good food + great company = the perfect day!

  27. Cheese!!! We might not agree on everything, but my partner Mary and I agree the world wouldn't be the same without all the varieties of cheese. That's why she's taking a day off work to make her first visit to the Good Food & Wine Show and Cheese Alley.

  28. I haven't been to the Good Food and Wine show but it has been on my 'to-do' list for sometime. I'd love to win these tickets and take my brother.

  29. I would love to win so I can save some money and buy more things at the show so I can make a better blog post! I would take my boyfriend so he can carry everything haha

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I would love to go to pick up new food skills and taste some new flavours - I love to diversify my palate! I would take my husband and kids. They are great eaters and my five year old would love to try new things too, we love to cook together.

  32. Alice K10:18 pm

    I'd like to visit the show to discover delicious food, cooking skills that will fit a picky pregnant lady - myself!

  33. I'd love a platinum pass so I can get even more overwhelmed and have to really suffer and agonise over all the choices available at GF&W. I'd like to bring my boyfriend with me so that he can deal with me as I get dizzy from running around in excitement. Also I need extra arms for the goodies I'll buy.

  34. Can't wait for this year's show. :) I'd love to go and would either bring my wine drinking bestie or food loving bestie to share in the deliciousness OR my husband so he can carry all my food shopping... what a dilemma!

  35. I haven't miss a show since I move to Australia. I certainly won't miss this one and I wanna take my brother with me as he just moved here and I know he'll enjoy as much as I do.

  36. Alison12:51 pm

    I would love to attend the show and take my husband with me. We've just moved back to Brisbane after 20 years overseas. We would love to explore the great food the region has to offer. I bet a lot has changed since 1993!

  37. Ann H2:06 pm

    Delishe! Be there with bells on but platinum tickets would ice that gourmet cake baby! Taking hubbie....on our honour of 20 years spent eating, drinking and generally running amok! Pick me, pick me! :-)

  38. 820Foodie Fun Day Out!!!
    Supporting Australian growers and producers is a MUST for us.
    I will take the love of my life, my husband.

  39. Congratulations to Taryn Yat, Steve Dingwall, Danielle Broadhurst
    & Jacqui Clarke who have won Platinum double passes to the Good Food & Wine Show in Brisbane for Sunday Nov 10.


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