Lunch with Lisa Ray, Canada's Top Chef host

"So what exactly are crusted bug tails?" said actress, television host for Canada's Top Chef and experienced traveller Lisa Ray.

From the confused look on her face, Ray obviously suspected Brisbane's much awarded e'cco bistro had some sort of crisp insect on the menu.

While the waitress described bug tails to Ray as a cross between a prawn and a lobster, I decided on a trio of artisan oysters from Batemans Bay in New South Wales, clair de lune, en surface and rusty wire, followed by the sea caught barramundi.

Ray, who also decided to try the local flavour of barramundi, confessed that the demands of travelling encourage her to choose simple, light options rather than the adventurous, a policy with which I can fully empathise.

Faced with 'bugs' on the menu, it was a fair response from someone new to Australia's quirky slang language and an amusing start to an entertaining lunch.

Bugs are actually properly called Moreton Bay Bugs or Slipper Lobsters and are not insects but crustaceans. They are found in the waters along the coastline of northern Australia.

Ray is Insight Vacations' Global Brand Ambassador and was visiting Brisbane to talk about their gold itineraries. She's travelled with Insight in both Italy and her home country, India and was excited when describing her experiences.

Growing up in Canada with an Indian mother and a Polish father, Ray feels at home anywhere in the world and now lives in India, but she was still intrigued by the India that Insight could show her on their Imperial Rajasthan tour. Likewise her Italian experience with Insight on the Italian Vogue tour was made especially memorable by the passionate foodies she met along the way.

I chatted with Joost Timmer, Managing Director of Insight Vacations who told me about the exclusive and unique experiences and signature hotels that are included in their tours.  Even more exciting to me was the promise of plenty of wifi access while travelling and small group dining experiences with plenty of options.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Insight Vacations.