Foundry Artisan Coffee, Indooroopilly

It's the sort of grunge-style coffee shop you'd expect to find lurking in the alleyways of Melbourne rather than the bright and shiny corridors of Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Yet here it is, an outpost of hessian with cold drip dribbling down twisty tubes and a long line up of eager patrons at Foundry Artisan Coffee.

The other surprising feature is the view. Rarely is there an opportunity to see out of a large shopping centre.  I think shopping centres designers want you to forget a world exists outside.  Instead of staring at the walls, at Foundry the view flows over Indooroopilly with a pleasing amount of greenery.

I was on a shopping mission so only stopped briefly for a coffee but I hear that the cabinets are full of gluten free goodies and there's a selection of cold drip coffees available.

A bit shout out to Christopher Ganzer who told me Foundry has the best coffee in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and I think he's right.  They are using Dramanti beans and my cappuccino had a full, round flavour that really hit the spot.

Foundry also offer hot chocolate, but I have to admit, I think it's hard to go past the distinctive hot chocolate at Koko Black which is located on the same level.

The staff were also friendly and helpful, which is always pleasant to find at a large shopping centre.

The prices are not cheap but neither are the rents.  I would certainly make a coffee stop at Foundry a high priority on repeat visits.

Bottom line: Coffee prices between $4 (small) and $5.60 (large)
Best tip: Try the cold drip coffee.

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: Ed+bK paid for her coffee

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